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STARBASE Science curriculum and instruction place an emphasis on learning subject matter and disciplines through inquiry, technology, and science through investigating, analyzing, collaborating, and teamwork. Participants will also understand scientific concepts with an integrated curriculum that incorporates all aspects of science. 


STARBASE Technology curriculum and instruction place an emphasis on understanding technological systems and understanding the connection between scientific advances and innovations. This is achieved through hands-on, minds-on learning that allows participants to experience current and emerging technologies, and demonstrate how to collaborate and share diverse perspectives to solve simulated or real-world problems. 


STARBASE Engineering curriculum and instruction follow the Engineering Design Process (EDP) that provides opportunities for participants to plan, design, implement, and investigate technological designs and products. Based on such problems, participants design a solution or product to meet an identified need or problem through simulations that represent real-world situations.


STARBASE Math curriculum and instruction apply multiple mathematical processes and operations that allow participants to understand and utilize different skills needed to solve problems. Participants will use metric measurement, tables, and graphs for data, as well as geometry. 
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